In session 6 we presented a selection of digital tools for analyzing textual data, geographical data, time as well as relations. The tools showcased were twXplorer, Gephi, SentiStrength, CATMA, the DARIAH geoBrowser and TimelineJS.

Assignment for next week (Feb 26)

Everyone must read this article:

Everyone must chose and read ONE of the following articles.
The shorthand symbol – first letter of surname, first letter of family name – indicates who might find the article especially useful. You may change the article I assigned you, but please ask me first:

Prepare the two articles for discussion and present them in class

Answer these questions as a guideline:

  • What makes up the ‘Landscape of Digital Humanities’ in Svensson’s article?
  • According to Svensson, what is the role of the ‘digital humanist’?
  • What does Svensson describe as “modes of engagement” in the realm of DH?
  • Where and how does your (second) article fit into the “Landscape of DH”?
  • What did the researchers do in your (second) article?
  • What did they want to find out?
  • What materials were they working with?
  • What kind of analytical tools, programs, or scripts did they employ?
  • What ‘methods’ did they use?

On Monday Feb 26, you present a summary of your article to the group
(5 min, oral presentation)

Then we have a group discussion about “What is DH” using all articles!

Slides from session 6