Today’s session was mainly about writing your term paper (and generally: writing and reading skills for humanities students).

For advice and useful links see the slides below.

Assignment for Session 6 (Feb 19)

You must come prepared for class!

  1. Choose one of the tools listed below.
  2. Do a tutorial for the tool (how to use the tool – check Youtube, too!).
  3. Read up on what the tool can be used for (documentation, wiki page, blog post, website).
  4. Find one research article (or blog post) that uses the tool and read it thoroughly.
  5. Create an entry for it in the Zotero group library.
  6. In the next session (Feb 19), you have to show to your fellow students how the tool works and what can be done with it. You can use PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Presentations or a life view of the Tool.
  7. And you have to present the research that made use of the tool, too.

Digital Humanities Tools (for Text Analysis)

Slides for session 5 “How to Write a Term Paper & Digital Humanities Tools”