Hi and welcome to the master seminar
“Digital Humanities: How To Read A Million Books?”! – Part II

In the second week, we proceed with the introductory part of the seminar. We will take a look at the history of digital humanities and its predecessor, Humanities Computing and map the sea change in the discipline in the last 15 years with a short group exercise.

On the technology side, we will get accustomed to using the Zotero library, creating notes and adding articles, books, blog posts and websites. We will also explore the seminar weblog – by taking a peek behind the curtains (and test out how we can create posts, make edits, add new pages and navigate the dashboard).

Finally, we will decide together what the seminar is going to be: an extensive overview of the discipline and its methods, theory of science, its objects of investigation and the research community in Norway, Europe and globally. Or a student driven project seminar, where we collaborate on a small scale ‘dh-project’ which could be presented at a conference and turned into a publishable research paper! YOU decide!

Assignments for next week

You have one of the three mandatory assignments due on January 28! The assignment’s specifications can be found here. Please read them carefully and deliver your assignment per email to your instructor.