Hi and welcome to the master seminar
“Digital Humanities: How To Read A Million Books?”!

The first session is dedicated to a general introduction of topic and scope of the seminar and we will learn what commonly falls under the definition of ‘digital humanities’ (DH) and what sets it apart from traditional humanities. We will take a look at the emergence of the term in Anglo-American academia in the early 2000s and compare it to the European (or: continental) academic sphere and its trends, fads, and specialisations. We will also get to know each other a little bit and then decide together what we are most interested in learning about and exploring within the vast field of DH. Finally, we will familiarise ourselves with the seminar website and its hosting platform hypotheses.org and engage with the Zotero library for our curriculum and other reading material.

This week’s assignments are:

(1) Create a user profile with a short statement about yourself on the seminar website dhoslo.hypotheses.org

(2) Create a user profile on the Zotero.org website and install either the browser version or the stand-alone version of Zotero on your own computer, and join the group library for the seminar here: https://www.zotero.org/groups/1873977/dhoslo_master2018

(3) Read a prepare the following material: “The History of Humanities Computing” by Susan Hockey (full text here). Write a 100 words summary of the text and add it to the Zotero reference as a “note”

(4) Join the Slack channel and say “Hi” to the class!

The slides for week one: