The seminar will gather in physical form every Monday from 2–4pm.
We start in week 3 and end in week 12.
Two seminars will be a little longer (2–5pm) to compensate for the week I will attend the Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries conference (week 10).

Date Topic
15/01/18 Introduction
22/01/18 Humanities Computing & Analytical Tools for Research
29/01/18 (2–5pm) Academic Blogging & Writing for Research
05/02/18 Text Analysis I: Voyant Tools – Example: A Study in Scarlet
12/02/18 Text Analysis II: Digital Tools for Text Analysis
19/02/18 Text Analysis III: Digital Tools for Text Analysis
26/02/18 (2–5pm) The Landscape of Digital Humanities & Databases for Humanists
12/03/18 Network Analysis and Visualization (Guest: Jens-Morten Hanssen)
19/03/18 Wrapping Up & Examination Prep
01/06/18 Term Paper due!