Assignment 3

Due date 11/03/18 – 8pm

For the third assignment you focus on your term paper project. You write an Abstract of 300 to 500 words, prepare a rough Outline of the topics of your paper and a make a preliminary bibliography of the research literature you want to use and the primary materials you want to work on. 

For the Abstract, check the Wikipedia entry:
Please note that you do not have to write about your research findings or conclusions yet! Focus instead on:

  • Research question and main hypothesis
  • Research focus (i.e. statement of the problem(s)/research issue(s) addressed)
  • Research methods used

The Abstract may be written in the form of a blog post. Keep in mind, however, that you are writing for an academic audience. That means adhering to the standards of bibliographic referencing, marking quotations properly and using critical reasoning.

You must send me your assignment 3 by email latest on Sunday, March 11, 8pm.