Assignment 2

Due date 11/02/18 – 8pm

For the second assignment, chose a digital text or a small corpus or collection of digital texts. Check the slides for week 4 for inspiration! It can be anything you find interesting – preferably, it is something you would like to use for your term paper. Run your source in VoyantTools. Gather the results, focussing on one of the “views” and write about what it shows you about the text or collection – and what it doesn’t! Think – and write – about how using a tool like Voyant could help you work with texts or collections. Make use of the VoyantTools Documentation!

The blog post should be no less than 300 and no more than 500 words long and describe the corpus of your choice to a broader audience. You write your presentation as a blog post, which allows for a more casual writing style. Keep in mind, however, that you are writing for an academic audience. That means adhering to the standards of bibliographic referencing, marking quotations properly and using critical reasoning.